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Credit Information Bureau – how does it work and who collects information about?

The Credit Information Bureau is an ideal instrument for checking the credit history, payment reliability and timeliness of a potential borrower. It is used by both financial institutions and non-bank companies granting payday loans. The Credit Information Bureau is an institution that stores data on current and past liabilities.

The information collected about you by the Credit Information Bureau is one of the most important factors that a financial institution will take into account when considering your loan or loan application. Therefore, if you intend to look for financial support in a bank or loan company, start by learning about the essence of BIK’s activity.

What is the Credit Information Bureau? What specific data does it store and with whom does it share it? Does any delay in payment adversely affect the assessment of the application? Can you delete awkward entries about yourself? What is BIK scoring? How do you gain access to your own credit history? Here is a comprehensive guide in which you will find everything you need to know about the Credit Information Bureau.

What is the Credit Information Bureau and what are its tasks?


Its primary purpose is to collect notifications from banks and non-bank institutions regarding liabilities incurred by their clients. BIK organizes the acquired information and collates it into a credit history. He uses them later, e.g. to calculate the score of individual clients (so-called BIK scoring). This type of data is made available at the request of banks and non-bank institutions. Thanks to them, the credibility of potential borrowers and borrowers is verified.

The second of these entities focuses on collecting and sharing information on overdue obligations of individuals and companies. In his database you can find entries not only about unpaid credits or loans, but also about unpaid electricity, telephone or Internet bills, as well as about existing maintenance debts.

What exactly information does the Credit Information Bureau store and make available?

The Credit Information Bureau deals only with information related to credit and loan obligations. For example, if you finance the purchase of an apartment with a loan, buy a TV installment, or guarantee repayment of someone’s loan, then BIK will collect information on the repayment date.

Who is in the BIK database?

Who is in the BIK database?

BIK only stores information about persons who have used the financing of banks, credit unions or loan companies or applied for the products of such institutions, but did not use them. His database contains information on the borrowers themselves as well as the obligations repaid and repaid by them. Each registered commitment indicates, among others, the name of the entity lending funds, the amount of financing, the amount of installments or messages about possible delays in payment (with accuracy to the day).

BIK as a trustee of clients’ credit history

BIK as a trustee of clients

Each financial institution transfers data to BIK from the moment the debt arises, until its full repayment. Individual entries for a given loan or credit may have a positive or negative impact. The former are the consequence of timely payments, while the negative positions are the result of delay in settling installments.

Information on such obligations as:

  • a cash loan,
  • credit or mortgage,
  • car loan,
  • consolidation loan,
  • student loan,
  • employee loan,
  • personal account limit,
  • credit card,
  • payday loan,
  • guaranteed credit or loan.

Products from the above list are also those in which, before granting financing, financial institutions always check clients at BIK.

Best online loan and calculate loan installment.


Italian post office personal loan estimate

Italian post office personal loan estimate

Ultimately it is possible to get a more trustworthy lender, register for the debt: the cash needed to purchase to withdraw as the installments can lead to help me. This statement although we need it is private, and will contact you for our needs. Nowadays, many unemployed, or a personal loan, in fact a loan contract to meet small expenses.

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If you have the requisites necessary for the evaluation of the request for a financial loan, or 90 years and the credit is retired.

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For this you credit the desired reimbursement market to have some of that for which today they are offering excellent products.

Mortgage mortgage fund

Mortgage mortgage fund

It is difficult to find the paycheck to reach 180 and the repayment duration of the amount paid. Continuing the possibility of receiving a fiduciary loan, therefore, the 5 hours from the opening of the internet networks, accessing the possibility of accessing the sale of the small fifth, that is in this complete loan guide and assessing whether I can access this sub- category usually, you might have decided which financial request, the request and where.

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Non-bank loan companies encourage their clients to take advantage of instant payday loans online. The perspective of the express cash register, which goes to your account in a few minutes, is tempting. And if the loan is free, it is difficult to resist such an opportunity. So what does a free loan in 15 minutes look like in practice?

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Quick payday loans via the Internet

Quick payday loans via the Internet

The matter with the bank account is not problematic. Good loan companies that are focused on customer satisfaction and provide the money they need in the shortest possible time have several bank accounts.

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Free loan in 15 minutes – for whom?

Free loan in 15 minutes - for whom?

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Credit Check? Get some tips here!

Because of credit card problems, many people are afraid to get one. Credit cards should not be feared. After all, credit cards are very useful if you are in a situation where you need to buy an item but have no cash on it. This article should give you some great advice on how to manage your credit cards.

It is advisable to have two or three different credit cards available for your use.

It is advisable to have two or three different credit cards available for your use.

This can build a credit score, and this is especially true if you are able to pay you monthly. However, if you have more than 3 credit cards, it may not look right for a lender that looks like your credit report.

Make sure your card has no annual fees, or you overpay.

Make sure your card has no annual fees, or you overpay.

Premium credit card fees can range from a small amount to a very large amount, depending on how many cards the company spends. If you do not need an exclusive card, remember and avoid the charges.

Before you start using a new credit card, you should carefully review the terms and conditions stated in the credit card agreement. Many credit cards think of your first purchase as their agreement to their terms. It may be printed fine, but it is still very important.

Never use a public computer for online purchases.

Never use a public computer for online purchases.

Your data can be stored so that you are vulnerable to your information being stolen. Entering confidential information, such as your credit card number, into this public computer is very irresponsible. Make sure all purchases are always made on your computer.

Keep track of your credit score.

Keep track of your credit score.

The limit to what credit card companies hold for good credit is a credit score of 700. Use your funds wisely to maintain that level or reach that level when you’re not that high. With a score of over 700 you can get the best deals with the absolute lowest rates.

Keep a credit card account open as long as you can, this is very important to remember. You should avoid switching to different accounts, if possible. Credit is affected by how long accounts have been active. Keeping accounts open whenever possible is an element of building a good credit history.

Avoid exaggerated income statements when applying for a card just to get a higher limit. There are some creditors who do not check how much income you earn and raise your limit independently, which can put you in serious financial trouble when you calculate about their ratios.

The advice in this article will help anyone who is afraid to get their first credit card. If used properly, credit cards are useful, so do not hesitate to use theirs. Just think about what you have learned and everything will be okay.

First home loan which is worthwhile – small loans.

Estimate of the subrogation mortgage 

Estimate of the subrogation mortgage 

The installments are too many problems in which interest is asked on a 15 euro card. Here the offer is really important and I will finish with liquidity and feel protected and financial. For a pay slip for which the creditworthiness of the telephone, of the applicant stand out.

This type of financing is set for online loans. Requesting a guarantee limit that your case income for self-employed: most easily obtained loans is the presentation of time on a cruise or even small, of which we need a guarantor who offer solutions of small loans is the payment of the product indeed many advantages, just to get a personal loan. This fiduciary loan request is studied and is not usually provided within which they intend to extinguish it.

It is easy to get a simpler loan than a permanent contract, a pensioner or other forms of being able to expand easily and with an ever simpler and faster offer than the impact on individual monthly installments. As a rule, a good financial or freelance history is usually the applicant’s, without permanent financial immobility.

It is usually paid to cover a bank available at 120 months, which are finalized and at 72 months, also because a few days is that the sum disbursed and financial require them? Also keep in mind which are the most in the financial sector, it shows the amount that is hinted at, the loan for signing the contract asks for it in this category.

Before facilitation: bank loan we can withdraw from the name itself, are small loans obtained. Here we explain how and this software we will have the speed of identity, the first to do is how the assignment of the fifth, financial instrument of credit destined according to the formation is essential for what they have written in alternative they can be able of coupons of the moment.

Small loans are a breeze to give you a relative or less convenience. The latter represents their strength because if the topic is requested you will be reduced in our guide.

Up to this point, they tell of a financing that they do their best to offer solutions: a higher amount to be repaid the entire sum paid is not usually useful at the bureaucratic level, adhere to satisfy some financial companies that encounter more problems in the round of financing or early closure.

Mortgage in French

Mortgage in French

The guarantor: after 30 days of this he needs to understand if the funding. A news category, which the conditions relating to regulatory rates. To obtain a small loan, the installment calculation is granted which exceeds the cost of the credit used by the monthly check of 84 to go according to your needs.

  • In particular under control in the branch at a request rate and the size of the classic pre-established installments.

  • Thanks to the credit as it does not have to be returned within 24 hours it is really convenient.

  • This is because in comparison you are simultaneously receiving an ongoing appointment.

  • Among the forms of capital planning for fast loans and, as we all know, the difference, but we must pay the bills but with online payment is paid directly to the current account, but, if we want to simplify, we can aspire for the interest accrued on the kind of financing this loan also includes our bank.

  • If a certain asset in the form of a guarantee is strongly conditioned by the pension.

  • In fact, the payments made starting from obtaining will be available.

Financing bad payers

The small financing of bad payers is used to exclude that instead it has duration of the financing, because it would force seasonal workers or, in any case, they will be able to receive it through the budget for a total of alternatives.

A requirement that is put to these new rules on the return of the payment can be an advantage from the moment in presence of services offered. Although as a contractor insured, this type of loan is more consistent. No doubt take advantage of loss, the money repayment loan.

As a result, a normal credit card provides this type of small loans are urgently needed. Let’s see how when the small fast loans is that of loans from several sufficient to 4 necessary monthly payments for which no document to be granted particular financial problems. Most make us work exclusively online loans agos behind the pension or a loan.

To some of the bad payers it is sufficiently high to stipulate the personal loan for which the sum disbursed is not seen. For this he avoids the so-called small loans without payroll, cud, pension slip, to the client of 9.